This Wiki is intended to store all public information about DeGenerous DAO, as well as explain its numerous evolving parts.

DeGenerous DAO is building an ecosystem of AI and NFT-powered storytelling and gaming products, creating shared & personalized experiences, as well as fostering charity.

We transform narrative worldbuilding, character development, and user engagement by leveraging generative AI and dynamic NFTs to create a myriad of unique gaming & storytelling products. These enable journeys of emotions evoked by personal and shared experiences.

We want to change the world with tech innovation, disruptive products, and philanthropy.

Through our humanitarian partnership with the Lions Club, the largest service organization in the world, DeGenerous DAO harnesses the power of these innovations and our vibrant community to support charitable causes around the world.

We aim to always build in alignment with our community, actively encouraging their involvement and input on our product roadmap.

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